WeatherTech’s ‘Grey’ Floor Mats Offer a ‘Modern’ Look

The latest product from WeatherTech, the company behind the new floor mats for apartments and offices, is the grey laminate product. 

The floor mats come in a variety of colors and sizes, from grey to white, and come with weathertech’s ‘weathertech’ label that identifies it as weatherproof.

The mats are available in two sizes: the regular size of about 1.5″x1.5″, which has a 30 degree bend, and a larger size with a 60 degree bend. 

“It’s the first time that we’ve been able to offer weathertech mats in a larger variety of sizes and shapes,” said Ravi Mehta, WeatherTech VP of Business Development and Marketing. 

WeatherTech offers the grey mats in several sizes for both offices and apartments, but this is the first product to be made available in the US. 

Mehta said the grey floor mats are designed for both a corporate and home environment, as they are lightweight and water resistant. 

They can be bought online, or at WeatherTech retail stores. 

In addition to the weathertech label, the product has a “weatherproof” label that comes with a “water resistant seal” that is a clear acrylic-like material. 

It’s worth noting that while the mats are waterproof, the moisture level in the mat is very low, according to Mehto. 

I think the grey and white options are the best, he added. 

For the most part, the mat can be used in a home office environment, but it is also a great option for indoor use as it is water resistant, Mehtas said. 

There are two types of weathertech floor mat available, which can be found in the floor mat section of the website: the black one, which is more flexible and can be rolled up to a 4″x4″ size, and the grey one, available in a more compact size of just under 1″x2″. 

For most of us, we’ll stick with the black mats, Mefta said.

“The black mats are more flexible, and we prefer them because they are water resistant,” Mehtis said.

This particular floor mat is made with the same polyurethane material as the previous floor mats. 

You can find the grey product on the company’s website for $59.99. 

Another company that sells weathertech products is Gilt, which has similar product in various sizes and colors, and is made from the same material as WeatherTech.

While the two companies do not have similar product lines, they both make similar products, and both are priced very competitively. 

Gilt sells the grey-mat floor mats in the 2″x3″ and 4″ x 4″ size range, while WeatherTech sells the black-mat mats in both sizes. 

However, Mefts claim that Gilt does not make the weatherproof products, so the mats may be less waterproof than WeatherTech mats.

Gilt offers the “grey” product, while its website offers the black and grey floor mat for $99.99 each. 

But there is a catch: Gilt only sells its “grey mat” for US customers. 

We can only guarantee the grey products for US buyers, according the company. 

If you’re interested in buying the grey mat, you can buy it online for $49.99 (about $4.69 per foot). 

Gulfstream sells the weathertome mats for $149.99 for the black or grey product, and $159.99 in either size. 

Both Gilt and WeatherTech also offer the grey, black, and grey mats for sale in India. 

Here are the floor mats from both companies: grey laminated floor mats – $99 each (grey, black and black) grey-mat – $69 each (black) black-mat (grey) – $79 each (gray) green-mat grey – $59 each (green) white-mat  grey floor mats black laminated-floor mats green laminated floors mats – grey, grey, green, white grey, grey floor mats white laminated mats grey mats white floor mats

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