How many vinyl floor mats should you buy?

The new hardwood floors that have been installed in the new Italy team stadium are being widely lauded as a brilliant solution to the problems of mould. 

A study published by the University of Ljubljana in February 2016 found that the mats were 95% effective in reducing the number of mould spores in the flooring. 

“In this study, the most important factors that influenced the efficacy of the foam mats were the surface quality of the floors and the quality of ventilation, which was higher than those that were treated with a natural wood flooring solution,” said the team’s head of research, Dr Cristian Filippi.

“We tested the foam floor mats in different conditions in the indoor and outdoor environment.

The study showed that foam flooring reduces the number and the severity of spores that can grow on the floor surface.” 

It’s worth pointing out that a recent study by the European Centre for Environmental Research (ECER) found that in one of the stadiums, the foam floors reduced the number, severity and duration of mould outbreaks by 40%. 

In order to ensure that the foam was the correct material for the stadium, the team installed a synthetic floor.

“It was very important to get a real floor to work on because of the high humidity, but it was not necessary to install the foam,” said Dr Filippo.

“If the temperature of the floor in the stadium was very low, we would have to use natural wood floors, because the foam would be much harder to work with.”

The team also experimented with various materials, including a synthetic, a plastic and a polyester. 

One of the most notable improvements, according to Dr Fardoni, was the use of polyester mats.

“Polyester mats can be used in the most complex stadiums because it has a higher surface area, so it has the potential to be flexible,” he said.

“When it comes to the thermal protection, it has to be protected with foam mats, which are much more lightweight.”

I think we did the right thing with the synthetic floor, because we wanted to reduce the amount of heat, so we used synthetic foam.

“What’s next for the team?

According to Dr Ciro, the new flooring is expected to be installed by the end of March.”

The first stage is to have the synthetic carpet.

Then we’ll have to install all the surfaces, the natural flooring and the synthetic foam,” he explained. 

The Italian Football Federation is currently working on an updated plan for the next major step in the installation of the stadium.

While the construction of the new stadium is progressing, the players and fans will have to wait until after the Euros, when the squad return to training.

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