How marble floors can help save the planet

Posted October 03, 2018 10:20:22In this photo taken on October 3, 2018, a piece of marble is removed from the ground in a factory in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenzhen, China.

(Photo: Xing Zhang, AP)Marble floors can create a more resilient environment by absorbing more heat and trapping pollutants.

They also hold up more effectively to extreme weather events, such as the heat wave that hit China in October, when thousands of people lost power and homes and businesses were damaged.

While most of the world is using marble for architectural features, Chinese companies are taking the marble out of the market, as the government has put an emphasis on environmental conservation.

The government wants to make sure that marble doesn’t end up in the landfill or in waterways, and it wants to stop the use of the material in building materials, such a concrete or wood-fired ovens.

While the government is working on this, a few companies have been developing marble-free buildings.

They include Beijing-based Tsinghua University, which is building a new dormitory, and Beijing-listed Beijing-headquartered construction and engineering firm Jinko, which has made the world’s first marble-resistant concrete building.

Tsinghua’s new dorm, for instance, uses a mixture of steel and carbon dioxide-absorbing clay to make the walls and floors, and uses less than 1% of the cement used in other dorms.

It also uses less water than the rest of its dorms to create a much slimmer, less crowded space.

Jinko also uses only about 1% carbon dioxide in its construction materials.

While most marble-reinforced concrete buildings use carbon dioxide to create the floors, Tsingua’s construction materials use clay instead, which absorbs CO2 from the air and releases it when the cement is melted.

The Tsinghan project, which started in 2014, uses recycled limestone, which was first developed by Chinese company Wengwei.

Wengxi, which also makes high-performance vehicles and a variety of materials for airplanes, has since gone public.

Tianghe Engineering Group has developed a marble-reduced concrete floor that is more energy efficient than existing concrete floors and is also less prone to leaking and cracks.

Its new marble-based concrete is used in the new dorms in Beijing and in other major cities.

It’s being used in many other areas, including the new Beijing metro, and the city has also been using Tsinghu for some time to create sidewalks, which are more easily installed and can accommodate pedestrians.

The marble-renewable building, however, won’t be the only use of Tsinghuan’s limestone in the future.

In 2017, the company announced plans to use its limestone in a high-speed train that will run on a recycled-cement steel system, a project that’s a big step toward reducing CO2 emissions.

Jinchuan is another company that’s building its own marble-recycling concrete floor.

It began with a recycled marble floor that it recycled from a local hotel, and this floor now serves as a base for the hotel’s new marble floors.

The marble floor is made of crushed limestone and cement, and there are also ceramic tiles on top to keep the building cool during winter months.

The company’s marble floors also capture the carbon dioxide from the cement and release it into the air, which can be used for electricity generation and other uses.

It will also be the first company to use the recycled limestone in its concrete, and is now in talks with the government about whether to continue using the material.

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