What the heck is this new ‘happy flooring’ you see at your favorite movie theater?

A new “happy floor” in Los Angeles is making a splash in the movie theater world.

In February, the film studio Happy Locks debuted a new flooring in its Hollywood Park Theater, which features a laminate laminate with a rubber gym floor.

It features a variety of cushions, including cushions made from the same material as flooring at the Hollywood Palladium.

It’s designed for those who like to work out, and also for those that want a more comfortable place to be.

It’s a first for the studio.

It took five months to get it done, but it’s already selling like hotcakes.

The company said its goal is to have a “magnificent” floor by May 2018.

Happy Locks says its new floor will be more durable and more comfortable than the other cushions in its lineup.

The laminate is made from a polyurethane resin that’s water-resistant, which is used in other cushioned flooring.

It has a flexible and flexible fabric to allow for the cushion to bend and stretch, which helps to reduce vibration and allow it to last longer.

The company’s other flooring is made of a polymer and is also water-resilient, but doesn’t feature the flexibility of the new one.

But the company says its polymer flooring has a more “cushioned feel” and feels like a solid rubber flooring when it’s wet, making it ideal for those with latex allergies.

In a video, the studio’s owner, Scott Sutter, talks about how the company has been able to launch a product in such a short amount of time.

“When we first started building our studio in the summer of ’14, it was really crazy because we were still in the process of building our first production,” he said.

“We went through a few different prototypes, but one of the best things about it is, we never really needed to go through the exact same design process over and over again.

We can now make the exact product, and we can be proud of it.”

The studio’s website says the flooring features a range of cushion designs, but no pricing information is available.

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