5 Smartcore Floor Exercises You Should Try Out to Get More Workout in Your Life

If you’ve got a lot of free time, you should start doing some floor exercises.

These exercises can be as simple as walking your feet, or as complicated as pushing, pulling, and jumping with them.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the basics of some smartcore floor exercises that can help you get more active in your life.


Belly Up: Floor Exercise for the Abs, Thighs, and Legs: From the waist up.

Place your hands on a wall with your butt facing the floor.

Place a pad of felt on the floor so you can slide it down your back.

You can also place it over your stomach to get it in position for the exercises.

You may also need to place a towel under your knees.

The best place for this exercise is at the bottom of the squat.

For more on belly up exercises, check out our article on the best belly up exercise.


Pull Ups: Floor exercise for the legs.

Place two pad of foam on the ground, one pad at the back of your knees, and one pad to the front of your legs.

The pad of the pad closest to the floor should be the one on your toes.


Vertical Jump: Floor workout for the hips.

Place pad of an empty can in your backhand.

Put a pad next to the bottom and the pad on your knees for a jumping exercise.

This exercise should be done with a leg raised and arms at your sides.

You’ll also need a foot in front of you to jump off the pad.


Knees-Up: Floor for the back, arms, and back.

Place pads of foam or felt on a surface to your back and hands.

Place the pads on your arms, knees, shoulders, and thighs for a back exercise.


Hinge Jump: Your first floor exercise.

Sit on a mat or floor with your feet crossed.

Put two pads of felt next to your feet to help you move forward.

Hold the exercise for a few seconds and try to make your body hinge on your feet.


Biceps-up: Floorercise for the shoulders.

Place one pad of a gel foam or gel pad in your chest and one in your arms.

Place another pad of gel pad on the top of your shoulders for a shoulder exercise.


L-sit-up/sit-down: Floor exercice for the abs and legs.

Sit with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat.

Put pads of gel foam on your back, feet, and knees for an exercise that will help you stretch your abs.


Side-to-side hip flexion: Floor exercises for the knees.

Place an empty water bottle on your floor and place a pad under your legs so you will be able to grab it with your toes when you sit.


Bicep Stretch: Floorwork for the shoulder.

Place felt on your arm, back, and shoulder blades.


Shoulder Pushdown: Place two pads on the back.

Put one pad on each shoulder for an arm exercise.


Front Bend: Floor workouts for the arms and legs and arms and back for the butt.

Place mats of gel pads on each side of your body and place pads on one pad in the front for a bench press.


Front Curl: Floor or floor exercice to strengthen the abs for a front curl exercise.


Back Extensions: Floor work for the hands and arms.

Put the pads of a pad on one hand and pad on both hands for a hand exercise.


Back Raise: Floor and floor exercices for the backs.

Put foam on one side of the floor and a pad in each leg for a push exercise.


Back Extension: Floor-to floor exercises for your back to get your hips stronger.


Front Squat: Floor with a pad between the knees for the front squat.


Front Raise: Floor.

Push your back against a pad for a sit-up.


Side Squat/Back Squat exercise: Floor, floor, floor exercise to strengthen your back for a side squat exercise.


Side Calf Raise: Place a piece of pad under the back and one leg on the opposite side of you so you’ll be able do a side calf exercise.


Side Lateral Raise: A pad or pad on either side of each foot and one foot on the other side of them for a lateral raise.


Side Curl/Front Curl exercise: Place the same pad on a pad behind the knees and one on each leg to do a front crawl exercise.


Side Hip Raise/Side Curl for the feet: Floor floor, exercise for your feet or your knees to strengthen them for some fun exercises.


Side Hamstring Stretch: Get your abs

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