When Republicans try to shut down the government over Obamacare, Dems should be on the side of the middle class

When Democrats try to shutdown the government on Obamacare, the GOP should be the party that will take up the fight.

The Democrats are the party of the rich, which is why they are in the middle of a shutdown.

That’s why they should be leading the charge to fix the Affordable Care Act and repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy, especially those who have earned their fortunes from Wall Street and the special interests that have gotten rich off of their greed.

If Democrats want to fix this problem, they need to start by fixing the GOP.

If the GOP is going to take on Wall Street, it needs to get serious about protecting the middle classes and helping the middle-class Americans who can’t afford to go out and buy a car.

The middle class has become a major obstacle for the Republicans in this fight, and we need to take it on.

We need to pass an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision that gave tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, a decision that has been used to reward the big banks and the super rich.

Republicans need to go further.

Republicans should pass a budget resolution to raise taxes on the wealthy so that the government can’t spend money it has already borrowed.

And Republicans need a constitutional amendment that puts a stop to the special-interest money that the Republicans have been pouring into politics, particularly during the last year of Obama’s presidency.

The Senate will not do this.

If they try, the House of Representatives will do the same thing.

If Republicans want to get things done, they will need to stop the Democrats and their special- interest allies in the House and the Senate.

If it gets this far, then they will win.

And if they lose, then we’ll have lost our chance to get to the middle ground and put a real middle- class tax cut on the ballot.

We are the first party to do this, and the first to get it passed.

Let’s get it done.

 The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Hill.

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