Why are we having to pay more for tall floors?

People in some of the world’s wealthiest countries are paying more for their tall floors.

But why are they?

This week’s Independent looks at the history of tall buildings and why they are expensive.

This story originally appeared in The Independent on Sunday.

Read moreThe world’s most expensive buildings in the world are the tallest in the western hemisphere and in the US.

This is a tall building, the world record holder for height.

It stands at 2,600 metres, or almost 1,400 times the height of London’s Shard.

It has a tower-to-tower floor, which means the space above the floor is about three times the size of a normal room.

The world record for the tallest building in the West Indies is a building that stands at 9,000 metres (31,000 feet), built in the 1950s by the Spanish architect Francisco da Silva in the city of San Cristóbal.

It is a spectacular building, one of the most spectacular buildings in Europe, which was the largest building ever constructed in the Caribbean.

The tallest building that is not a skyscraper is the 6,000-metre (22,000 foot) Shard, the tallest structure in London, built in 2000.

The building is built on a sloping platform.

The entire building is made of concrete and steel.

The World Trade Center tower is also a tall tower.

It was completed in 2004, after a five-year construction project.

It rises more than 6,200 metres (24,000ft), and is the tallest commercial building in New York.

It costs $3.6bn to build.

The cost of a standard floor in the skyscraper, which is made from concrete and glass, is about $100,000, while the cost of the tall building is about a third that.

However, the tall buildings are usually built for people who can afford them, and these costs are much higher.

A tall building can be an expensive investment, particularly if it is for a family.

The average cost of an average floor in a tall skyscraper in London is about £1.4m.

That is twice the cost for a typical floor in any other type of building in London.

The most expensive skyscraper built in Europe is the $1.8bn Eiffel Tower in Paris, which cost $2.5bn to construct.

The Eiffels are the most expensive building in Europe.

They are a skyscrapers that are taller than a skyscancer in New Yorkers’ Times Square.

The tallest tower in the whole of Europe is in Stockholm, where it is called The Grand Hotel, with a price tag of more than $9bn.

The price of a skyscapel is also very variable.

If you are buying a floor in an Eiffeli you are paying a premium.

The cheapest floor is a 20-storey block in London’s Knightsbridge.

The average cost in New Zealand is about 30 per cent of the average floor price in the same market.

If we compare New Zealand with the US, the price of the cheapest floor in New Japan is more than a third the average.

The highest price a skyscaper can charge is about 35 per cent.

If a skyscower is designed for people to live in, that price is usually lower.

In Europe, it is often a problem to pay a premium to get a building.

A typical floor costs about $200,000.

The price for a tall or grand building is higher.

The cheapest place to buy a floor is in Hong Kong, the third-most expensive market.

But the cheapest price is $400,000 in Hongkong.

This story was produced by The Independent as part of its partnership with Guardian Weekend.

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