The UK’s most expensive house

The average house price in the UK has doubled since the financial crisis, with the average price for a one-bedroom property jumping by more than £400,000.

The average price of a two-bedroom house rose by £1,500, to £3,900.

The median house price has risen by £140,000, while the average income has risen slightly.

This was the result of a huge surge in prices in recent years, but now the UK is also facing a housing shortage as people struggle to find decent housing.

The UK average house is worth £1.2m, compared to £1m in 2013.

That is £300,000 more than it was a year ago.

The increase in the price of homes is being driven by a combination of factors, including falling house prices, which are now below pre-recession levels, as well as a reduction in the number of people renting in the country.

This is also partly due to an influx of foreign investors, which has seen the number renting homes drop.

The cost of renting a house has been on a downward trend for the last five years, which saw a fall in prices for the first time since 2010, but has now reversed course.

There is also an increase in demand from new properties, which makes renting an average house more expensive.

A house that is on the market for £1 million, for example, costs around £3.5m.

A property that is in the market at £3 million would cost around £5m, according to figures from property website Zoopla.

However, this is driven by an increase of just £7,000 in the average monthly rent, as new construction comes on-stream and people start to pay more attention to the house they live in.

However many of these houses are currently priced at £1million or higher, meaning a house on the list could sell for £5 million in the near future.

In many areas, people are looking to buy a home for the very first time, and there is a shortage of new homes.

The shortage of houses The housing shortage is also driven by rising house prices.

For instance, London’s market for three-bedroom homes is currently worth more than half a million pounds, compared with £3m in the same period a year earlier.

However the UK market for detached homes is down by almost half a billion pounds, with prices falling by almost £200,000 between June 2017 and April 2018.

The rise in prices is largely due to rising house values.

The value of detached houses in London fell by over £400m in 2017, while for properties that are not listed on the capital’s housing website, prices have fallen by more £1 billion.

In the capital, the number per household of those living in the capital fell by more that 1,000 since the year before.

The number of new properties being built in the city has also fallen by over 1,200 over the last two years.

These developments are largely driven by demand for property, and are seen as a result of the rising value of homes in London, particularly in the affluent east London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea.

These areas have been seeing a steady increase in house prices in the past few years, as more and more people are finding themselves without a place to live.

The problem is not only being driven from London, however, but also other areas of the UK, which is driving up the prices in many other cities.

This includes the UK’s largest cities, such as Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Nottingham, as the number and types of homes that are being built is increasing, especially in those areas.

The housing crisis has also been seen in the rest of the country, with property prices in parts of England increasing by almost 10% between January 2017 and the end of April 2018, according the Office for National Statistics.

The report, which looked at house prices across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, found that there was a slight rise in house price growth between March 2017 and March 2018, as a number of factors such as housebuilding activity and new construction took place.

This has also had an impact on the number homes being built.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) released its annual Housing Market Update on Tuesday, which also showed that house prices had risen by over 10% since the start of the financial year.

This figure includes all houses in England, but excludes new houses.

The OBR said that it expected the number in the housing market to reach an average of 1,400 homes a day by 2019, compared the 1,300 a day that the government had previously estimated for the year.

The ONS also said that there were 4.4 million properties in the private rental market in the year to April 2018 (up from 3.4m in January 2017), up from 4.2 million in January 2018.

However this still left an average number of 2,400 houses a day in the national market, down from 3,

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