Why does the house smell so bad?

NEW YORK — The smell of rotten eggs in the kitchen.

The stench of stale food in the dining room.

“We all just started freaking out,” said Barbara Gavigan, a resident of the home in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

The odor has been plaguing the home for weeks.

The Gavigans are a group of neighbors who live with their two children in the same apartment building.

The smell, which has become a nuisance in the building for months, was discovered Friday by a contractor who had been renovating a basement apartment.

When the contractors inspected the basement, they discovered a “frozen, rotten egg smell,” said Michael Lichtman, who works with the contractor, Wigmore Properties.

They sent the home to a chemical firm to remove the smell.

Gavigans said she doesn’t know how the smell got there.

There’s been no response from the building’s owner.

Lichtman said the Gavigans are not the only ones complaining about the smell in the apartment building on the Upper East.

More than a dozen other people have complained to the New York City Department of Buildings about the odor in the apartments, the department said.

The complaints have been forwarded to the NYPD for investigation.

Gavigan said the smell is not affecting her kids, who are not allowed to enter the apartment.

She said she does not believe the odor is the result of mold growing in the attic or the condensation in the floor.

But Lichtmann said it’s a common problem in the Upper West Side, and residents have complained for months about the condition of the building.

Many people complain about the smells from the air conditioners in their apartments.

In recent years, some apartments have been equipped with special equipment that turns on a vent system that helps control the condensate.

Neighbors have also complained about the stench coming from the ceiling vents in their apartment buildings.

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