Bathroom flooring in Australia: Where to buy?

The Australian government has set the price of a bathroom floor covering the floor in the bathroom to $100.

It is likely that this price is a placeholder for when the new flooring is made available.

There is no official confirmation that this flooring will be available.

Al Jazeera English spoke to the head of the Australian Department of Health, Dr Michael D’Amato, who said that the government would be working with suppliers to determine the final price.

“I’ve heard that the prices have been set and we’re going to make sure that they are accurate, but there’s nothing that’s specific to this particular product,” he said.

“It is the industry’s expectation that we have a final price and we’ll make sure the final cost is correct, but it’s going to be a bit of a guessing game at this point.”

But what about Australia’s other bathrooms?

There are currently no plans to offer this floor covering in Australia, according to a spokesperson for the Australian Product Safety Commission (APSC).

“The Australian Product Standards Committee is aware of the ABSC report and will be investigating the matter,” the spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

However, the spokesperson said the ABSSC had not received a formal request for a floor covering.

What do Australian states have to offer?

The federal government has said it wants to encourage Australians to take up a new product, and the state of Victoria has put its plan on the market for its residents.

Al Jazeera has spoken to a local resident who said he had a floor in his bathroom which he was not planning to sell.

“It’s like the biggest bargain you’ll find in Australia,” he told Alja.

The local resident said he would buy a new floor covering for $20, and that the new bathroom floor would cost him about $100 to replace.

“You’d probably get a little bit more money back,” he added.

Aljasuggests that this will be the case for many Australian states, as there is no regulatory framework for floor covering under the National Flooring Act.

Aljazeera spoke to a number of states and territories, which all have similar rules on floor covering and are able to negotiate floor prices.

We spoke to some of these states, and they all suggested they would be able to sell the floor covering at a lower price.

Some states have a minimum floor price, while others have no minimum floor prices at all.

The states we spoke to all said that they would not be able provide a floor price for the floor cover, and would only be able if they were given an exemption from their state floor price laws.

Alaska, Montana, and New Jersey all have floor price exemptions for bathroom floor coverings, but do not have a requirement for the government to provide floor price discounts.

In Victoria, there is a minimum ceiling height requirement, and states including New South Wales and South Australia have an exemption for the ceiling height.

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