The most badass floor lamp in the world: An Australian invention that could save the world

The floor lamp is probably the most badass gadget on the planet.

It’s got the same power and brightness as a normal lamp, and it has no wires.

But when it comes to making electricity, it’s a bit of a mess.

That’s where an Australian company called Bali Electric can help.

It has developed a lamp that uses a “lamp chain,” a simple device that attaches to the base of a regular lamp to power the light.

The chain connects to a battery pack that powers the lamp.

Bali says its lamp chain is 100% energy-efficient.

The idea for a lamp chain came from Bali’s founder, Jason Williams, who is also a physicist.

He wanted to create a “world’s first lamp chain that could be easily manufactured,” he said.

Williams had previously built an electric lawn mower with a lampchain.

But Williams didn’t have a commercial solution for electric lighting.

In 2006, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to create his first commercial lamp chain.

That raised over $8,000.

Then he raised another $8 million, raising a total of $22 million.

That led to the development of Bali, which Williams said has the best design for lamps.

The company has a lot of experience with lamp chains, and he was able to make them “completely self-sufficient.”

To make the lamp chain, Williams cut the chain in half and assembled it on a single piece of plywood.

Bambi’s company uses a proprietary process called “extraction.”

The metal is then crushed with a high-powered hammer, and the metal is welded to the lamp chains base using a special “spare wheel.”

This allows the lampchain to be “free-floated” inside the lamp, making it lighter than a traditional lamp.

The Bambis lamp chain can power up to 60 LEDs, and can power a single light for about four hours.

It can also be mounted on an ordinary wall or ceiling, and you can control the brightness using a remote control, a feature Williams says is “very useful” for people who work in office environments.

Bini has partnered with Bali to produce the lampchains.

The company plans to produce lamps for several other industries.

“It’s a great tool for the home and for businesses, and we hope to get a few of those into our office and in the home,” Williams said.

He said he would also like to use the lamps in schools to make educational material.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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